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Firstly, our million dollar advice is to "Investigate the Investigator". Private Investigators and Agencies pop-up and vanish within months by cheating the gullible looking for low price Agencies. There are 100's of complaints with many Police Stations on the same, whereas most of the cheated actually do not opt to go to the Police. Vadodara Detective & Investigation Agency (India) have been regularly advertising the following Advertisements in all leading news papers at a very heavy cost, only in the interest of the General Public, only to educate the Public that...

BEWARE OF UNPROFESSIONAL, inexperienced unlicensed (Police licensed not Shop Act) Individuals and Agencies like Security, Recovery, Matrimonial Agencies, Freelancers, Advocates, Massage Parlors, even Housewives Advertising / Posing as Detectives. Before taking services and exposing yourself please check credentials from Local Police and Commissioners Office. Visit Tried and trusted, rendering, services since 34years.

As narrated above, there are Detective Agencies and agents having fancy names and websites but do not even have an office, sans any experience or capabilities and vanish into thin air after taking small amounts from many people. Thus, besides other parameters we advice you to atleast find out the background, bussiness standing and since how long the Agency has been operating from the same premises.

Secondly, and ironically we must bring to your notice that you would have seen it for yourselves that none of the websites you have already seen or can check back now give even a quote of their professional charges, during the course or before giving reports they come out with many hidden charges. Sadly, not satisfied with what they have extracted from you, many case of blackmailing & extrostion have been reported and thus we advice you to be very carefull in selecting an Agency. Our charges, expenses and explanations shows our transparency and honesty which you will appreciate.

The Charges on executing a case primarily depend on the quality and quantum of manpower, resources and equipment required to be deployed and most importantly the time required on the assignment. There is generally no thumb rule charges towards an assignment as these vary from case to case, most importantly the charges depend on the geographical, political, religious, expense and risk related factors. Moreover, the longer the period of assignment, the less the charges, the shorter the period of assignment, the higher the charges, i.e. if the charges for Investigation & shadowing for 7 days is Rs.5,000/- per day, the same will reduce to Rs.4,500/- per day if the same is for more than 15 days and will reduce to Rs.4,000/- if it is to be done for more than 30 days. Short Assignments result in under deployment of the agents and thus loses to the Agency and thus if the Assignment is for 5 days it cost Rs.6,000/- per day and Rs.7,000/- for Assignments of 2 to 3 days and Rs.9,000/- for one single day. However, to give a general idea the charges are as below. These charges are 25% higher in expensive cities like Vadodara & Delhi.


The Category of the Agents depend on the Qualification & Experience of the Agents & type of the "Subject". We are dealing with i.e., for normal person it will be Category "C" Agents. But for high profile, extra smart, hyper, alertical, etc.. Subject, we will deploy Category "A" Agents.

The charges for Category "C" Agents is Rs.4,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The charges for Category "B" Agents is Rs.5,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The charges for Category "A" Agents is Rs.6,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The above charges are for a Investigation of a minimum of 7 to 10 Days.

We recommend 1 full week Investigation and a counter check of 3 hyperactive days in the next week.

The charges are double for Investigation of 2 or less Days.

The charges are 50% extra for Investigation of 6 or less, upto 3 Days.

The charges are reduced by 10% for Investigation of 11 to 20 Days, 15% for 21 to 30 Days and 20% for beyond 30 Days.

The above charges are for Investigation between 0800 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. (Day Time).

The charges between 1800 Hrs. to 0800 Hrs. (Night Time) is double.

The charges for Investigation on Holidays and Sundays are double.

In case of Investigation out of the city of action, the charges will be double.

During the Investigation, if the Subject moves out of station and we are required to follow, the charges will be double as the team instead of working for 10 hrs is out for 24 hrs. Actual travelling, boarding & lodging expenditure will be borne by the Client.

The charges for Secret Video Recording depending upon the type of equipment required in the assignment which will be decided by us, is Rs.1,000/- to Rs.2,500/- Per Day

The Assignments once started are non-stoppable and the amount paid is non-refundable.

A sum equitant to 75% of the total charges shall be paid in advance.

The balance sum of 25% shall be paid before 50% of the continuance of the Case.

In case daily / telephonic report is required, the full amount has to be paid in advance.

Any balance / overtime amount shall be paid before giving of the Final verbal Report.

Reports will be given verbally only. For written reports 10% extra will be charged. Note:

The Category "A" Agents are highly skilled and having long experience and drawn from the Police Forces, CBI, Army etc., They are generally deployed in very sensitive and serious cases where risks are high and special investigations need to be done.

The Category "B" Agents are skilled having long experience of working in our Agency, Part of this Team of 2-3 Agents are from the Category "A" above. They are generally deployed in Pre & Post Marital and Employment related Investigations which may not be very sensitive and serious cases and where risks are not very high and investigations are not very specialized.

The Category "C" Agents are Agents who have finished their training, and are not very highly experienced but are deployed along with an experienced Agent drawn from the Category "B" above. They are generally deployed in low sensitivity and less serious cases and where highly experienced investigations are not required. Our Expenditure on Investigation

Most of the Clients argue about the above charges being very high and thus in order to keep up with our reputation of Transparency and Honesty, we have given a breakdown on our expenses and the logic behind the above charges.

Our Expenditure on Investigation is as below

  Cost in Rupees
Choice & Categories of Agents as narated in Investigation Charges Per Month Per Day
Salary of Category "C" Agents @ Rs.15,000/- pm working for 25 days 15,000/- 600/-
Salary of Category "B" Agents @ Rs.20,000/- pm working for 25 days 20,000/- 800/-
Salary of Category "A" Agents @ Rs.25,000/- pm working for 25 days 25,000/- 1000/-
The Below Calculations are based on Expenses on Category "B" Agents @ Rs. 800/- per day  
Salaries of 2 Agents (At times 3 agents required) @ Rs.800/- X 2   1600/-
Daily Assignment Allowance of 2/3 Agents @ Rs.200/- X 2   400/-
Petrol Allowance of 2/3 Agents on 2 bikes @ Rs.250/- X 2   500/-
Vehicle Maintainance Allowance of 2/3 Agents @ Rs.100/- X 2   200/-
Risk & Dangerous Business Allowance of 2/3 Agents @ Rs.100/- X 2   200/-
Insurance + Social Security etc of 2/3 Agents @ Rs.50/- X 2   100/-
Food/Refreshment Allowance of 2/3 Agents @ Rs.150/- X 2   300/-
Sub Total 1     3300/-
The below expenses are only partly accounted for on per day basis    
Salaries of General Office Staff (We have 10 Staff in our Office) @ Rs. 10,000/- X 10 1,00,000/- 200/-
Cost on Field, Case Coordinator & Supervision   400/-
Cost on "Cushion Agent" ( 3 rd Agent) + Misc. Costs   400/-
Cost on Office Admin. & Maintenance 60000/- 200/-
Cost on Communication with Agents & Clients   200/-
Cost on Business Marketing 60000/- 300/-
Sub Total 2     1700/-
Total of Sub Total 1 & 2      5,000/-
Our Company's Profits which should be atleast 10%   500/-
Thus Grand Total of Cost on one Team of Detectives per Day    5500/-

Pre-Marital Check

A Pre-Marital check involves collection of information from the neighborhood of the Subject's residence and workplace. It also involves information on the Family and their social status, mindset, criminal/litigations background check. Collecting this information takes 3 to 4 days. We also need to put Investigation of 3 to 4 full days on the Subject right from the time the Subject departure to the office till the Subject comes back home. Thus, this Assignment takes 6 to 8 days and as a thumb rule depending upon the sensitivity of the Investigation costing around Rs. 5,000/- per day thus amounting to an amount between Rs. 35,000/- to Rs. 45,000/-. Incase any information more than the one given above is required, the charges will be extra depending upon the additional estimated number of days. Post-Marital Check

The Post Matrimonial Checks involve more Investigation work, collection of information and at times, deployment of equipments and thus the charges will depend upon the number of days work and type of equipment required.